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Adam M. Carrington

Associate Professor of Politics, William and Patricia LaMothe Chair in the U.S. Constitution

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“I discovered my love of politics when I realized that I love learning about how human beings can and should live together in political communities.”

~ Adam Carrington


B.A. Politics and Religion, Ashland University, 2007

M.A. Political Science, Baylor University, 2011

Ph.D. Political Science, Baylor University, 2014

Awards & Fellowships

Garwood Visiting Fellow, James Madison Program, Princeton University, 2020-21

Hillsdale College Professor of the Year, 2018

Teacher of the Month, February 2016, Student Federation of Hillsdale College

Courses Taught

POL 101:  U.S. Constitution

POL 301:  American Government

POL 303:  The American Presidency

POL 305:  Civil Rights

POL 306:  Political Parties and Elections

POL 407:  The Federalist

POL 412/504:  Politics and Literature

POL 416:  Montesquieu

POL 742:  The American Presidency

POL 743:  Constitutional Law I: Constitutional Powers

POL 744:  Constitutional Law II: Constitutional Rights

Collegiate Scholars 259:  Hamilton: The Man; the Musical

Collegiate Scholars 259:  Politics in the Bible


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Books & Book Chapters

"Alexander Hamilton and Popular Government: Friendly Defender and Friendly Critic." In Democracy and the History of Political Thought, ed. Patrick N. Cain, Stephen Patrick Sim, and Stephen A. Block. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2021.

"No "Piece of Cake": Applying Liberty and Equality in Masterpiece Cakeshop." In Society, Ethics, and the Law: A Reader, ed. David Mackey and Kathryn M. Elvey. Burlingham, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2021.

Justice Stephen Field’s Cooperative Constitution of Liberty: Liberty in Full. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2017.

"Free and Happy Bonds: Loving v. Virginia’s Nineteenth Century Precedent on Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness." In American Constitutionalism, Marriage, and the Family: Obergefell v. Hodges and U.S. v. Windsor in Context, ed. Patrick N. Cain and David Ramsey. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2016.

Scholarly Articles

"Story Time With Whittington: Judicial Review in Repugnant Laws and Commentaries on the Constitution." The Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy 19, no.2 (Summer 2019): 377-403.

"The Statesmanship of Job: Puritan Joseph Caryl on Job as the Model Magistrate." Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible and Theology 90, no.3 (2019): 213–230.

"Equality, Prejudice, and the Rule of Law: Alabama Supreme Court Justice Thomas Peters’ Protection of African-Americans’ Rights During Reconstruction.” Journal of Southern Legal History 25 (2018): 205-234.

"Running the Robed Gauntlet: Southern State Courts’ Interpretation of the Emancipation Proclamation.” American Journal of Legal History 57, no.4 (2017): 556–584.

"To Inform and Recommend: Hamilton and the Constitutional Ground for Interaction Between Executive Officers and Congress.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 47, no. 4 (2017): 624-645.

"Constructed For Liberty: Justice Clarence Thomas’s Understanding of Separation of Powers.” American Political Thought 5, no. 4 (2016): 658-85.

"Free and Happy Bonds: Loving v. Virginia’s Nineteenth Century Precedent on Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Perspectives on Political Science 45, no. 2 (2016): 87-96.

Select Publications

After pro-life losses, look to Lincoln.” The Washington Examiner, November 2022.

America's Thanksgiving Hymn.” The National Review, November 2022.

One Season after a Blockbuster, the Supreme Court Readies Another Important Term.” The National Review, October 2022.

The illegitimate attacks on the Supreme Court’s legitimacy.” Chicago Tribune, October 2022.

New Zealand’s sad, silly rejection of Shakespeare.” Chicago Tribune, October 2022.

America the Friendless.” Law & Liberty, October 2022.

Montesquieu’s Warning About Our Childlessness.” Law & Liberty, September 2022.

The Thirteenth Amendment Doesn’t Provide Basis for National Abortion Protection.” RealClear Public Affairs, July 2022.

Justice Gorsuch Takes a Stand for American Values.” The Washington Examiner, April 2022.

SCOTUS Must Clarify Confusions Surrounding Religious Liberty.” RealClear Public Affairs, March 2022.

Justice Sotomayor Is Wrong about Abortion and Religion.” The National Review, December 2021.

Rittenhouse Trial Reminded America Why We Need The Rule of Law.” Newsweek, November 2021.

"New Supreme Court Term Set to Be One for the Ages.” The National Review, October 2021.

Cancel Culture is Both a Scarlet Letter and a Reign of Terror.” RealClear Education, September 2021.

Unlike Critical Race Theory, a Genuine Education Is Liberal, Thoughtful, and Patriotic.” The American Spectator, September 2021.

The Supreme Court's Abortion Case Is a Coming Earthquake.” Newsweek, May 2021.

History on peaceful transfer of power, partisanship and the Constitution.” The Detroit News, January 2021.

Michigan Supreme Court upholds separation of powers, liberty.” The Detroit News, October 2020.

What Ever Happened to ‘We the People’?The Wall Street Journal, September 2019.

Welcome to the 116th Congress: Here’s your reading list.” Washington Examiner, February 2019.

What Should Courts Do About the Mistakes They Make?” Washington Examiner, June 2018.

Courts, Cars, and Conscience: Why We Must Defend Freedom of Speech.” Washington Examiner, May 2018.

Supreme Court Needs to Clarify Gun Rights under the Second Amendment.” FOX News Network, March 2018.

“3 Reforms for Repairing Congress, the ‘Broken Branch.'” The Hill, January 2018.