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Brian Freimuth

M.A. Student

San Jose, California

GSS Student Federation Rep, Spring 2021


B.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2020


Brian was born and raised in San Jose, California. In 2020, he graduated from Hillsdale College magna cum laude with academic honors and majored in Politics. In his honors thesis, “‘No Tyrant but a Christian King:’ The Political Thought of Machiavelli in Shakespeare’s King Henry V,” Brian wrote on Shakespeare, Machiavelli, and Early Modern political thought. Brian also minored in Spanish and spent the summer of his Sophomore year living and interning in Alicante, Spain. Brian reads Latin and has translated portions of Thomas Aquinas for his graduate coursework. Brian has written for the Hillsdale Collegian, Chronicles Magazine, the Hillsdale Forum, Liberty Headlines, and Intellectual Takeout. Brian has played classical and electric guitar from the age of ten, and his favorite novel is Celine’s Journey to the End of the Night.

Research Interests

19th- and 20th-century German political philosophy

Media theory in politics