True False

Christina Slipke

M.A. Student

Kearney, Missouri


B.A. Classics & Economics, Truman State University, 2020

“It takes little effort to see that Hillsdale has achieved something rare and wonderful compared to what most institutions of higher education offer today. Both inside and outside the classroom, life at Hillsdale is geared toward the good of the whole person - mind, body, heart, and soul. ”

~ Christina Slipke


Christina spent most of her childhood in Alabama and Tennessee before moving to Missouri where she and her family have lived for the past eight years. She graduated summa cum laude from Truman State University, a small liberal arts and sciences college in Northeast Missouri where she double-majored in Classics and Economics. Christina’s hobbies include playing the piano, visiting beautiful, historic churches, cooking, baking, and keeping up her Latin language studies. Besides her coursework, Christina enjoys reading classic British and American literature and learning about the lives of the Saints.