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Jeremiah Regan

Ph.D. Candidate

Lewiston, Minnesota


B.S. Hillsdale College, History, 2008

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2020

“An essential element of freedom is understanding from where it comes and how to preserve it.”

~ Jeremiah Regan

Selected Publications

"The 2nd Amendment: A Natural Right." The Armory Life, March 2020.


I grew up loving America, but my serious interest in politics was kindled by Dr. Arnn’s Aristotle class, which I took as a Hillsdale undergraduate. Though the topic of the class was not American politics, Aristotle begins with the most important questions, such as “what is a human being?” The answer to the question is the foundation of politics, in America as elsewhere. While spending a decade in the corporate world, I realized that I was not satisfied with my knowledge of the most important questions, which led me back to Hillsdale.

Here I have learned a great deal about the first principles of political philosophy and the political theory of the American founding. I am working to apply these lessons to improve our regime. My wife (a Hillsdale graduate), our children, and I love this town, and that love, via participation in the community, provides one avenue for political renewal. Another avenue is my academic work, and the work that will follow upon its completion. I am currently writing my dissertation on the masculine virtues of the early American republic. In addition to my academic work, I am the course designer and an instructor for the Hillsdale College Law Enforcement Outreach.

Awards & Honors

Honors, PhD Comprehensive Exams, Fall 2021

Research Interests

The American Founding

Proper Objects of Government

Abraham Lincoln

Conference Presentations

"Family and Friendship as Training for Citizen Virtue in More’s Epigrams and Utopia." Annual meeting of the Center for Thomas More Studies, Dallas, TX, November 2021.

"Cicero, the City, and the Objects of Statesmanship." Accepted to the 2020 annual meeting of the Association of Core Texts and Courses, Birmingham, AL, April 2020. (Cancelled due to COVID-19.)