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Jeremiah Regan

Ph.D. Candidate

Lewiston, Minnesota


B.S. Hillsdale College, History, 2008

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2020

“An essential element of freedom is understanding from where it comes and how to preserve it.”

~ Jeremiah Regan

Selected Publications

"The 2nd Amendment: A Natural Right." The Armory Life, March 2020.


My parents raised me to appreciate the blessings of American liberty and my love of country deepened as a Hillsdale undergraduate, especially after having my eyes opened to rigorous political study in Dr. Arnn’s Nicomachean Ethics class. After a decade as a financial services professional, during which I married and started a family, I made the decision to return to Hillsdale and continue my education.

An essential element of freedom is understanding from where it comes and how to preserve it. More than any other school I considered, Hillsdale directs its students to contemplate the greatness of the American political order, which recognizes that our rights come from the Creator, not government, and determine how best to defend it. America – and the world, which desperately needs American leadership – requires teachers, college professors, school administrators, public policy fellows, lawyers, and politicians steeped in the principles of the American founding. Indeed, Hillsdale produces statesmen to serve in a variety of arenas, not just academia.

Research Interests

The American Founding

Proper Objects of Government

Abraham Lincoln

Conference Presentations

"Cicero, the City, and the Objects of Statesmanship." Accepted to the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Association of Core Texts and Courses, Birmingham, AL, April 2020. (Cancelled due to COVID-19.)