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Joey Barretta

Ph.D. Student

Mansfield, Ohio


B.A. Ashland University, Political Science and History, 2017

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2019

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“What makes America great is our founding principle that ‘all men are Created equal.'”

~ Joey Barretta


My research is primarily focused on the political thought of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln and their views on the need to restore America to its founding principles. Their understanding of the fundamentally just nature of the Founding shows why America is great and has remained so, even after its greatest existential crisis.

After graduation I plan on teaching at the collegiate level. My time at Ashland and Hillsdale has been the most rewarding, so I intend to work in a profession in which I can forever teach and learn. I taught high school Latin and that experience reinforced my desire to inspire students as I have been inspired by my own teachers. I want to be able provide future students with an understanding of what makes America great and unlike any other nation in history: our founding principle that “all men are Created equal.”

Research Interests

Frederick Douglass

Abraham Lincoln

American Founding

Conference Presentations

"Broadcast Regulation and the New Ends of Politics: The Public Interest, Convenience, or Necessity Standard of the Communications Act of 1934." Accepted to the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 2020 (conference cancelled due to COVID-19).

"The Rightly Ordered Ambition of Pericles". Presented at the annual meeting of the Northeast Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA, November 2019.