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Moritz Muecke

Ph.D. Candidate


B.A. Goethe-University of Frankfurt, American Studies, 2014

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2016

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“What is important to me is that I can serve as a multiplier of ideas that are true, good, and beautiful.”

~ Moritz Muecke


I came to Hillsdale College to benefit from its strong focus on the principles of a Great Books education and rigorous study of American politics in all its manifestations: intellectual, practical, and institutional. I also have a deep interest in classical political philosophy and ancient history as written by thinkers like Thucydides.

Research Interests

Conceptions of Progress


Abraham Lincoln

Classical Political Philosophy

Academic Experience

Professor Bloom’s Delight on the Right: American Conservatism and The Closing of the American Mind (Hamburg: Anchor Academic Publishing, 2014).

“Aristotle and the Ethical Importance of the Ancestral.” Presented at Association of Core Texts and Courses. Framingham MA, April 2018.

“The Idea of Progress in Antebellum America.” Presented at Northeastern Political Science Association. Boston MA, November 2016.