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Nathan Neveau

M.A. Student

Oshkosh, Wisconsin


B.A. Hillsdale College, Religion, 2019.

“The Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship’s first principles approach provides a unique opportunity for students who wish to understand the Western and American political tradition. In attending to the first principles, Hillsdale makes two important statements - the great thinkers of this tradition are accessible to us and they have something valuable to say today. ”

~ Nathan Neveau


Nathan grew up in Wisconsin before coming to Hillsdale College for his undergraduate education. At Hillsdale, Nathan majored in Religion and minored in Accounting. He also played on the varsity basketball team where he was a three-year starter and team captain. After he graduated in the spring of 2019, he worked for a campus ministry for a year before he entered the Van Andel School of Statesmanship.

Research Interests

Theology and Politics

Christian Social Teaching and Activism