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Peter R.W. Cross

Alumnus, Ph.D. 2019

Worcester, MA

Tutor (Assistant Professor)
Thomas Aquinas College
Santa Paula, California

(805) 421-5960

Thomas Aquinas Profile

Curriculum Vitae


B.A. Thomas Aquinas College, Liberal Arts, 2011
M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, May 2016
Ph.D. Hillsdale College, Politics, May 2019

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“The small size of the cohorts and the overall student population meant more interaction with the dean and the faculty and also enabled more direct, personal advice and guidance while preparing for the academic job market.”

Recent News

Appointed to Thomas Aquinas College’s Admissions Committee for the 2020-21 academic year. Committee members perform final reviews of prospective student applications for the coming year.

November 3, 2020: Interviewed to provide election analysis on EWTN News Nightly, Presidential Election Coverage 2020.


Peter grew up in Massachusetts and completed his undergraduate education at Thomas Aquinas College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts. Following graduation, Audit Analytics, an online public company intelligence service, hired Peter as research analyst, where he worked full-time from summer 2011 until joining the Graduate Program.

Awards, Memberships, & Fellowships

Comprehensive Exams with Honors, Fall 2017

Conference Presentations and Lectures

“Progressivism Baptized? The Political Thought of Monsignor John A. Ryan.” Ph.D. Research Presentation at Hillsdale College (May 8, 2019).

“Fighting without Armor: The Virtue of Courage in Plato’s Laches.” Presented as a Lecture at Thomas Aquinas College (Mar. 7, 2019).

“Progressive Natural Rights: Msgr. John Ryan’s Natural-Rights Theory and Its Relation to American Progressivism.” Presented at the 2018 Annual National Meeting-Conference of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists (Oct. 26–27, 2018).

“Msgr. John A. Ryan and the Natural-Rights Approach to Progressive Social Justice.” Presented at the 114th Annual American Political Science Association Conference (Aug. 30 – Sept. 2, 2018).

“The Energetic Executive of John Adams.” Presented at the 76th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference (Apr. 5–8, 2018).

“The Primacy of the Person: Human Dignity and Its Implications in the Natural-Law Theory of John A. Ryan.” Presented at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Northeast Political Science Association (Nov. 9–11, 2017).

“Aristotle’s Politics: A Lesson on the Education of Statesmen” Presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of the Association of Core Texts and Curriculum (Apr. 14–17, 2016).


Progressivism Baptized? The Political Thought of Monsignor John A. Ryan.

Dissertation Committee Chair
Dr. Ronald J. Pestritto

Research Interests

Political Philosophy

Relationship between modern developments in political thought and the social teachings found in America's Christian religious institutions

Teaching Experience

Mathematics I: Euclidean Geometry, Thomas Aquinas College (2019-21)

Philosophy II: Natural Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas College (2019-21)

Seminar I: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Literature, and History, Thomas Aquinas College (2019-20)

Seminar III: Early Modern Philosophy, Literature, and History, Thomas Aquinas College (2020-21)

Great Books High School Summer Program, Thomas Aquinas College (Summer 2019, 2020)

POL-101: The U.S. Constitution, Hillsdale College (Fall 2017)

EDU-402: Master Teachers in the Western Tradition, Teacher’s Assistant, Hillsdale College (Spring 2016, 2018, 2019)

Research Experience

Research Assistant, Dr. Khalil Habib, Hillsdale College (2018-19)

Research Assistant, Martin Gilbert and Larry Arnn (eds.), The Churchill Documents, Hillsdale College Press (Summer 2018)


Latin - Reading Competency
Italian - Reading Competency