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Bryan Richardson

Ph.D. Candidate

Richmond, Rhode Island


B.A. Salve Regina University, Political Science & English Literature, 2019

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2021

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“The School of Statesmanship is unique in that it aims to understand the thinkers we read as they understood themselves. This means, for example, not reading Plato through a Feminist or Marxist lens, but rather aiming to truly grapple with Plato‚Äôs argument and understand its implication for politics and society. ”

~ Bryan Richardson


Bryan Richardson grew up in Richmond, Rhode Island, and graduated summa cum laude from Salve Regina University where he received degrees in Political Science and English Literature. In his spare time, Bryan is an avid player of tennis and enjoys rooting for his hometown Boston Red Sox and Celtics. After graduation, Bryan intends on teaching either at the secondary or higher education level.

Conference Presentations

"Karl Marx, the 1844 Manuscripts, and the Perfection of the Human Senses." Presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Core Texts and Courses, Dallas, TX, March 2023.

Dissertation (in progress)

Rousseau and the Romantic Alternative: Love, Family and the Search for a Poetic Ideal

Research Interests

Early Modern Political Philosophy (especially Rousseau)



Attic Greek