True False

Chance Cook

Ph.D. Student

Clinton, Illinois


B.S. Illinois State University, Political Science, 2020

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2022

“The key factor that brought me to Hillsdale was their focus on the core principles apparent in the American Founding and in Western civilization as a whole. Hillsdale seeks to bring these principles back to the forefront of American life, not only to guide America to a better path, but also to guide its students to a better path.”


Chance grew up in central Illinois and attended Illinois State University. He began studying Political Science after doing two years of Computer Science because of a growing interest and dedication to the principles of the American Founding. Quickly after making the switch, he was reading everything he could find that was written during the American Founding or that played an influential role in the philosophy of the Founders. Prior to coming to Hillsdale, he interned at the James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights and the American Founding, and with the Cato Institute.

Research Interests

Natural Law

Greek and Roman Philosophy

Medieval Philosophy


Ancient Greek