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Christian Warner

Ph.D. Student

Mesa, Arizona


B.A. Philosophy & Religion, Central College, 2020

M.A. Politics, Hillsdale College, 2022

“Hillsdale specializes in the American Philosophic tradition and is among one of the only schools in the world where one can find an effort to understand the Founders as they understood themselves.”

~ Christian Warner


Christian grew up in the East Valley of Mesa, Arizona. He attended Central College in pursuit of a wrestling career at the Division III level, but quickly discovered his love of philosophy. Christian graduated from Central College in 2020 magna cum laude, earning his B.A. in Philosophy and Religion, with a minor in French. He then continued his academic career at Hillsdale College, joining the M.A. program in Fall 2020.

Research Interests

Medieval Arabic Philosophy

The Philosophy of Nietzsche

American Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy of Leo Strauss



Classical Greek

Koranic Arabic