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Colin Brown

Ph.D. Candidate

Shawnee, Kansas

Visiting Assistant Professor, Declaration of Independence Center, University of Mississippi


B.A. Ave Maria University, Literature, 2012

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2016

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“The study of American politics within the tradition of political philosophy is one of Hillsdaleā€™s strongest attributes.”

~ Colin Brown


I am greatly interested in the whole history of political philosophy and its influence on American political life. My current research focuses on the intersection of early modern political theory and the practice of foreign affairs, with a particular emphasis on the writings, thought, and statesmanship of Benjamin Franklin. I am also greatly interested in the origins of modernity, as well as issues related to foreign policy and international relations more generally.

After graduation, I intend to teach at the collegiate level, while also working on both academic and popular writings. Hopefully, I will have opportunities to pursue as many of my interests as possible, from imperialism in the early modern era to the role of the imagination in Rousseau’s psychology.


Benjamin Franklin: Revolutionary Statesman (in progress)

Research Interests

American Political Thought (with emphasis on the Founding and Modern Liberalism)

Early Modern Political Theory

History of Political Philosophy

International Relations Theory

Ethics and Moral Psychology

Natural Law Theory

Teaching Experience

FS 101: Ideals of Liberty in the US Founding. Taught at University of Mississippi, Spring 2024.

POl 101: U.S. Constitution. Taught at Hillsdale College, Spring 2018.