True False

Colin Wren

M.A. Student

Holden, Massachusetts


B.A. Assumption University, History & Political Science, 2022.

“Hillsdale students and professors are not simply scholars sitting in their ivory towers, but also citizens who have a duty to their fellow man to live out and impart these ideals to others.”


Colin grew up in Holden, Massachusetts, and graduated from Assumption University in Worcester in 2022 with a B.A in political science and history. While he was in school, he worked at Camp Monadnock in New Hampshire, a Christian camp ministry dedicated to showing others the love of Christ and sharing the Gospel. It was here that he saw how to truly live out the command to “love your neighbor as yourself,” as he observed men and woman of all ages dedicate themselves to ministering to the spiritual and emotional needs of the broken and hurting. It is due to his experiences at Camp Monadnock that Colin gained a passion for serving and teaching the next generation. He hopes that by teaching students about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, he may instill a deeper understanding and a new appreciation of that heritage and the hope it provides.

Research Interests

American Founding

The Progressive Movement

Religion & Politics