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John W. Grant

Professor of Politics, Chair of the Politics Department

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B.A. Political Science and History, Eureka College, 1994

M.A. Politics, University of Dallas, 1997

Ph.D. Politics, University of Dallas, 2009.

Awards, Memberships, & Fellowships

Earhart Fellowship

Publius Fellowship

Jack Miller Center Fellow

Courses Taught

POL 101: U.S. Constitution

POL 202: American Political Thought

POL 211: Classical Political Philosophy

POL 212: Modern Political Philosophy I

POL 220/511: American Foreign Policy

POL 313 / 414 / 505: Christianity and Politics

POL 414 / 506 / 701: The Natural Law

POL 415: Medieval Political Philosophy

POL 421: Justice Among Nations

POL 431 / 516: Marx, Russia, and Solzhenitsyn

POL 602: Aristotle

POL 603: Medieval Political Philosophy

POL 604: Early Modern Political Philosophy

POL 703: Politics and Religion

Honors 255: C.S. Lewis

Honors 255: Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Honors 257: Job and C.S. Lewis

Collegiate Scholars 251: Xenophon’s Memorabilia

Select Publications

“Theodore Roosevelt, Imperial Uplift, and the Transformation of American Foreign Policy.” (Forthcoming in American Grand Strategy.)

Review of James Carey's Natural Reason and Natural Law: An Assessment of the Straussian Criticisms of Thomas Aquinas. Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 46, No.2 (Spring 2020): 339-344.

“William Howard Taft on America and the Philippines: Equality, Natural Rights, and Imperialism,” in Toward an American Conservatism: The Birth of Constitutional Conservatism during the Progressive Era, ed. Joseph Postell and Jonathon O’Neill. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013: 121-150.