True False

Joshua Waechter

Ph.D. Student

San Antonio, Texas


B.A. History, Hillsdale College, 2020

M.Phil. History, Oxford University (St. Anne's College), 2022

“I came here because I knew the quality of the professors and their serious commitment to academic excellence and truth-seeking. Above all else, I wanted teachers who would take a serious interest in deepening my education, rather than looking for a teaching assistant so they could prioritize their own research.”


The son of an Air Force officer, Joshua grew up all across the United States before his family finally settled in San Antonio, TX. He studied History as a Hillsdale undergraduate before going on to read History of Political Thought at Oxford. While finishing his master’s, he was involved with Pembroke College’s Quill Project, which utilizes specially-designed software to model the debates and negotiations that resulted in iconic legal texts such as the U.S. Constitution. In the world of politics, Joshua has interned for Texas Values, the Heritage Foundation, and the White House. He was also a participant in the Hertog Foundation’s Political Studies Program and the Salvatori Center Program on Leo Strauss.

Research Interests

Political Thought of Francis Lieber

Early American Republic