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Luke Sherman

Ph.D. Student

Greensburg, Indiana


B.A. Liberal Studies, Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts


At Magdalen College, surrounded by the New Hampshire mountains, Luke Sherman discovered his love of philosophy. Built upon the foundation of classical education in high school and further encouraged by his professors in college, this love has led Luke to pursue further studies. Though he did not formally study political philosophy in his undergraduate, through a wide reading of the great books and the Ropke-Wojtyla fellowship in which he participated his senior year, Luke became increasingly interested in the effects of politics on the human life. All of this led him to the Van Andel School of Statesmanship, a program where the study of politics is seen to give to, and to gain in turn from, the quest for wisdom.  


Ropke-Wojtyla Fellowship on Politics, Economics, and Moral Philosophy, Catholic University of America, 2022.

Research Interests

Politics & Literature