True False

Paul Clewell

Ph.D. Candidate

Salem, Ohio


B.A. Yale University, English

J.D. Columbia Law School

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics

“The atmosphere at Hillsdale is very different from the atmosphere that prevails at many, if not most, college campuses today. There is peace here. An ethos of mutual respect and decency predominates. I very much appreciate the high caliber of my classmates and professors and their love of rigorous thinking and debate on so many issues. As with most worthwhile endeavors in life, hard work is required here, too; but great growth in learning and friendships is the happy result.”


After graduating from law school, Paul served as a federal judicial law clerk. He then engaged in the private practice of law for a number of years, first in the New York City metro area and later, in his home state of Ohio. Nurturing a lifelong interest in education, he took a dozen courses along the way at three Christian seminaries. Then he found his way to Hillsdale.

Research Interests

History and influence of Progressivism

America in the World Wars

Marxism and the Cold War


Ancient Greek