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Stephen Goniprow

Ph.D. Candidate

Barrington, Rhode Island

Online Learning Content Manager, Hillsdale College


B.A. Trinity College, American Studies, 2014

M.A. Boston University, Education, 2016

M.A. Hillsdale College, Politics, 2018

“If you are interested in reading, thinking, and talking about the works of political philosophy that have withstood the test of time – with excellent teachers and serious students – then Hillsdale College’s graduate program is worthy of your attention.”


After completing my doctoral work, I plan on becoming a teacher of political philosophy and American politics, preferably at a liberal arts college. I wish to enter the ranks of the professoriate – at least in part – because I desire to participate with students in an inquiry on the most pressing questions for political life. What is the best regime, or is it nonsensical to view regimes in terms of “better” and “worse”? What should guide our choices in political life, and does it vary from place to place? Who should rule? What is justice – can we know it? I am most interested in teaching courses on American political thought that aim to keep the big questions at the forefront of class discussion. In addition, I’d like to teach courses that examine the contemporary arguments about justice that animate American politics today.


Post 1970s Political Theories of Global Justice (in progress)

Research Interests

Statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln

Political Theory of the American Founding

Conference Presentations

"The Multicultural City: Did Aristotle Think It Was Desirable or Even Possible?" Presented at the Association of Core Texts and Courses, Santa Fe, NM, April 2019.


Ancient Greek