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Theodore Madrid

Ph.D. Student

Columbus, Ohio

Curriculum Vitae


B.A. Pontifical College Josephinum, Philosophy & Humanities, 2018

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“Here at Hillsdale friendship is prized highly, and the community is indeed full of authentic and richly satisfying friendships, without ever losing sight of the common goal which we strive together to attain: the truth. ”


Theodore was born in San Diego, CA, and moved to Columbus, OH, at a young age. There, he attended the Pontifical College Josephinum, graduating with a B.A. in Philosophy and Humanities. The following year he completed a propadeutic year at St. Charles in Philadelphia, where he studied spirituality. Returning to Columbus in 2019, he worked in project management and business finance while attending the Ohio State University for graduate school.

Research Interests

Philosophical Heritage of the American Founding

Thomas Aquinas

Thomas More


Ancient Greek